1/14/2017 Wrap-up

Alright. From what I remember, today was quite a productive day. I setup my first (of many) Instagram profile, and will scale this traffic source if it proves itself to be getting me leads (optins on davidwarth.net). I can see myself having as many as 5 Instagram accounts which I will be actively scaling using Instagress, which I like because it is a fully automated app. I also setup a few piano videos on my website which were useful as account fodder for my Instagram posts. I also noticed that people seem to respond well to pictures of business success on Instagram, so I’ll probably be posting things like pictures of my AWeber subscriber list, my blog traffic, commissions, etc. Anything to really convey the sense that I am making a lot of money with my online business.

I also started setting up my AWeber followup series in my account, which is going well, but obviously isn’t really complete yet. I’ll probably have to set that up tomorrow. So, strategically speaking, tomorrow I should focus on creating more Instagram accounts and loading them into Instagress (as many as 5 would be ideal). I should also setup an Aweber followup series that spans at least 30 days to really make sure I squeeze as much money from my list as possible. I also want to do research into SEO tactics and see if I can’t turn this website into an authority blog. It would be really awesome if I were able to get that to happen, Google seems to like older websites over new ones, and this one is pretty new. Although I do have a couple of rather devious SEO tricks up my sleeve for getting webpages onto the first page of Google >;)

I’m also really curious about keyword research, specifically how marketers are using Longtail pro to rank niche websites really fast. I’d rather not have to create a niche website if I don’t have to. I would really rather keep all of my SEO articles on this website, and if I need to create any “throwaway” sites, I’ll probably do so with blogger or something. Speaking of which, I’ve also gotten really interested into JV platforms… both the product promotion and product creation side of things. I’ve noticed that several marketers are using the strategy of creating blog posts on products before they are released, which is really smart, as product creation is essentially keyword creation. If the product doesn’t exist yet, there won’t be any competition on Google, theoretically making it veeeeery easy to rank for these newly-created keywords. I might experiment with this, specifically promoting a few offers as an affiliate. I’ll see how many optins I can get. Backlinking shouldn’t be an issue: I’ll just make all of my satellite websites link to one-another and build artificial site-authority. lol. Anyways, really thinking aloud by this point.

To sum things up:

  • Aweber followup series
  • Instagram account creation/automation
  • Keyword Research/Content creation for JVs

If I focus my efforts on these three things, I will succeed online very quickly. I’ve also gotten a few JV offers today which is sweet! ^^


Things are looking pretty good for my business!