1/15/2017 Wrap-Up

Wow, what a productive day this was! Here’s the breakdown of what I accomplished: I setup a 21-email followup series in my Aweber account, and setup the 5 Instagram accounts I will be using for social media marketing. All 5 of these are already being automated through Instagress. I’m definitely pleased with the results. Tomorrow what I would like to focus on is making my brand look more professional. Right now, I feel like I’ve fully setup the “skeleton.” I have a nearly month-long email followup series, and 5 Insagram accounts, now I need to optimize the user-experience side of things. This will involve the following tasks:

  • Making my Instagram accounts appear like a genuine person who is making money online as a part of their lifestyle

-I should be able to accomplish this relatively easily. I’ll just browse around Instagram, see how normal people setup their profiles, and make mine look like theirs. Shouldn’t be too hard at all. I will also look into options as to how I can manage multiple Instagram accounts at once. I found a really nice software called Sprout that I’m going to research more into this evening. It seems to offer what I’m looking for

  • Smoothing out my email followup series so that everyone is cleanly sent into the main davidwarth.net funnel

-This task is going to be slightly more complex. I am going to have to follow the path an organic user would take from one of my Instagram profiles into my main email followup series. Most of this task will involve cleaning up the followup series itself, and making it very “real” and “user friendly.” I sense a great power in an email followup series that I can’t really explain, but I know it’s reeeeally important, so I will definitely want to make sure I have 30 days worth of content for my users. I also will need to make sure that once a user falls into the main series, they will be unsubscribed from the other lists I have in place. Will probably have to change the “Welcome Package” email I use in order to accomplish this. I also want to make my emails seem prettier and more professional. Maybe even link them to my Facebook page eventually, but that will be later down the road. I will also need to streamline my funnel into Digital Altitude directly. The logistics of this will be taken care of tomorrow.

  • Maybe grow my Youtube Channel?

Admittedly, this is a secondary task for me, but it is pretty important. I’ll probably send a traffic injection to my “how to make a website from scratch” video. I’ll definitely post more content in due time (will probably be very niche-specific, and focus on web-development through WordPress. Might give a few formal talks on online business once I’m more established.

Later Goals:

  • Try some of the SEO tricks I dreamed up where I will basically use my “blogger bait and switch” tactic to get several satellite websites ranked high in Google, and simultaneously direct that traffic into my sales funnel. Here’s a brief description as to how I’m planning to do it: I’ll setup a few video-spin campaigns, and direct those people onto several blogger pages I’ll have setup, including the VR article. I’ll then have them click links on those pages that direct them to my main website (bonus for backlinks!) and then have them like the VR page, then opt-in to my ETC mailing list, access my free e-course, and then go onto VR and get me them sweet referral bonuses. This will be one of my later objectives however. My first one is quality social media marketing, which I shall deliver with the grace of a concert pianist! 😉 (that part will involve the “polishing” of my online profile which will take place tomorrow)

Long term goals:

-Look into a way to integrate WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and other misc. social networking sites like Twitter and Pinterest

-Rank the hell out of this website in SEO. This will be a more involved learning effort which will take place later. I’ll probably do this by turning this site into an authority blog, with several niche-specific articles. Will probably need to eventually hire writers for my articles. The goal will be to reach into several highly-specific niches to endear people to me as a relatable person and authority on internet marketing (which I already am, I have 7+ years of experience) and then get them through my sales funnel.

-Network/collaborate with other bloggers/content owners, and maybe launch a few JV projects. This will be further down the road, but not too far down the road 😉


All in all, today was solid and productive. I should start to see a major influx of traffic and online business within at most 3 days!

That’s all from me in this journal entry. I have my plan, and now I’m banking on it!