1/22/2017 Wrap-up

I know it’s been a while since I posted in this journal. Been very busy lately building this website and learning new advertising platforms. Here is a rundown of what I have accomplished since my last post:


Sprout’s prices were to high, so for now, I’m going to do all of my own Instagram marketing by hand. Since now, I have smoothed out my email followup series to just lead into one list rather than the multiple that I was running beforehand. The general idea behind converting the Escape The Cage optins is to send them a daily “shiny object” that will encourage them to optin to my main funnel through the main page of this website. Basically, the subject line of my followup series for people who optin directly on the form on the front page of escapethecage.org looks like this:

See the idea? I’m basically sending them a different method each day from the variety of zero-investment cash generation methods that I teach in my Escape The Cage course.


I did send a traffic injection to my ‘how to make a website from scratch’ video. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. The niche is just too competitive even though in my opinion the video is very good. If you want to watch it, you can check it out here.


Alright, I’ve pretty much met my goals that I had with my last post, so let’s work out a business expansion plan for my next move. Here is a list of what I’m planning to do:

  • List Shaving
    • I need a way to get ‘freebie seekers’ off of my email list after a certain point. These are people who optin once just to access my e-course, and then never open a single one of my emails. I’ll call Aweber tomorrow to see if I can auto-delete a list subscriber if they don’t open my emails after 21 followups.
  • Traffic Expansion
    • Alright. These are my best ideas today by far.
      • What I’m going to do tomorrow is setup a high-quality VS campaign. I don’t want to really give away what this is, since the method is questionable at best, but for anyone who actually reads my business journal, I’ll drop a hint: it has to do with my most powerful zero-investment cash generator that I teach in my free e-course (you can access this on my website’s homepage) ;). This method is great because it will earn me passive income at zero-investment, and will naturally get my website higher in SEO ranks from more traffic, while simultaneously building my brand. This free money will go into advertising, and will help me scale this website very fast. What’s cool is, as far as I can tell, I’m the first person who has ever used this traffic method at a large scale, and it works SO WELL too!
      • Solo Ad buying. A solo ad is an email broadcast that a solo ad vendor will send out to their highly targeted list of email subscribers. This ad will contain a link of your choice, and you can purchase a certain number of clicks through solo ads. The standard rate is currently ~$1 per click with these things, and they are the single best traffic source in my opinion for someone trying to scale their online business and don’t want to learn Facebook ads. An email list is your bread and butter, because you can repeatedly send that same group of highly targeted buyers more affiliate offers, and eventually, once your list gets big enough (like around 50,000 people) at the click of a button, you can make literally $10,000 in about 2 minutes. That’s the power of email marketing! My idea here with solo ads is to buy an ad package at a decent rate. I’m currently selling Digital Altitude at the Rise level, meaning that I need a rate of $1.50 per lead to be immediately profitable per customer purchase. This roughly translates to a price of $.65 per email click, which is hard to convince most reputable solo ad vendors to do unless you offer them an absurdly high lump sum right on the spot, like $6,240 for 20,000 clicks. The good news is that since DA is a RECURRING MEMBERSHIP, I make back my investment residually, as anyone who joins DA through me will earn me $17 per month for as long as they remain a member (I wrote a very lengthy analysis of the Digital Altitude business model here, which shows you step by step how regular people are profiting from it). Eventually, I’ll build my email list through my opt-in page, and remarket to this same target group with different products with a killer followup series. With my VS campaign virtually bringing me in free Solo ad clicks each month, I can definitely count on this website project scaling rapidly
    • Amazon e-Commerce extension
      • This is a fun one! 🙂 I plan to add a ‘store’ section to this website. I’m starting to realize that there are certain products that ANYONE would be willing to buy. Novelty goods like nice desk lamps, a multicolored LED turtle, an R2D2 phone charger, that sort of thing. What I’m thinking of doing is monetizing my website through Amazon affiliates, integrating it with Shopify, and adding a nice novelty store addition to this website. The store will be one long webpage with a massive list of these types of “can’t-say-no” novelty purchases with an “add to cart” button next to each one, and a floating checkout button on the page. I’ll also blast my list with these goods, where they’ll receive one short email update about a product on the list. Reeeeeally trying to squeeze my email list for every penny they’re willing to spend online here! XD The good news is that even though this sounds complicated. at the end of the day, it’s just clicking buttons in WordPress. The hard part is initially figuring out where these buttons are, but there are great Youtube channels like WPbeginner which are helping me find them as I need them.

So those are pretty much my ideas. My main focus here is traffic and list building. I’ll add a few more articles, but so far, I have clear goals, and I intend to meet them within the week.

Until next time!

-David Warth