Who is David?

Spent 2+ years battling a child abuser in a public school. Was told "you have a disability" every time I raised my concerns about how I was being treated.


Were they looking for every excuse to justify ignoring my concerns, or were they genuinely trying to "benefit" me with this kind of behavior?


If I had to bet $10,000, I would bet on the former.


 "Why give 'these kinds of kids' a chance? We all know they're just headed for jail anyway, even though we can't legally say so. Why waste government resources on them?"

No one has to live like this.  Anyone can pull themselves out of their own bad situations.  They can discover things along the way from anything from zero investment "cash generation"  to getting free housing from AirBnb (a trick I reveal in my free e-course)

Now I can earn $40,000+ per month from my automated online business.

Most people spend their whole lives working for a retirement pension.

I'm not even legal drinking age, and I can earn enough by virtue of my income level to live comfortably.

How did I do it? Simple: I purchased an online business for $1.

People buy businesses all the time. You can buy your own McDonald's for $3 Million up front, and it will earn you $1 Million per year as long as you own it.

This is called franchising. Buying your own franchise (copy) of a proven business model is historically the fastest way to get rich.

Unfortunately, a brick-and-mortar franchise will cost you thousands or even millions of dollars.

Buying a McDonald's franchise will cost you $750,000 upfront, and ~$2,000 per month to maintain.

Brick-and-mortar businesses sell food, clothing, and other physical goods, so they have to charge this much for a franchise.

Online businesses are different.

They sell digital products like software, information, and online video courses.

Monthly cost of operation to sell digital products? ~$0 per month. I only pay for my web domain.

Because they're so cheap to maintain, online businesses cost far less money, and can be just as lucrative since their products are in just as high demand as non-digital businesses.

How much does it cost to buy your own franchise (copy) of an online business?

$7-$49 a month. Industry standard.

How much does it cost to buy your own non-digital, 'brick-and-mortar' business?

$40,000 upfront with a $750 per month licensing fee.

Same results as an online business, much higher price.

My company, however, is offering a special promotion to grow our customer base.

You can buy your own franchise of this company, the same company I leveraged to get my six-figure results for $1, with a $37 per month licensing fee each month after.

Why is this?

My company can offer such a low cost because their products (digital video courses, Masterminds, etc.) cost them nothing to produce.

They need franchisers like me (and hopefully you) to help grow their business.

And for $1 upfront with $37 per month recurring licensing fee, you can own a franchise of the very same company I franchised to make my money online.

As a new franchiser, you'll receive the same 1-on-1 coaching and training I received to help your franchise succeed the way mine has.


As for me, I plan to to grow my online business, use it to fight and financially exhaust my abusers' ability to harm me,

and with every step, bring my life closer than it already is to a new dawn and get my happy ending.


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