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In The Meantime

If you can afford Digital Altitude now, my best advice is pay that lousy $1 entry fee and get on board as soon as possible (I mean come on, it's just one dollar! That's an entire BUSINESS you're buying for yourself! Who would pass that offer up, and not at least just try it out?) . There is no faster way to make money online, and lots of it. If you do any research into this topic, all professional bloggers and internet marketers agree on this.

There is one online scam that I should warn you about though while you're here. If you do any google search for 'is (insert online marketing product name here) a scam?' you will be sure to find so-called 'reviews' from bloggers claiming that whatever product you're looking up is a ripoff.

But the real ripoff is what these bloggers are trying to sell to you.

A notorious affiliate marketing course called "Wealthy Affiliate" has adopted the extremely disrespectful marketing tactic of teaching its users to write blog posts/reviews of other affiliate marketing systems, bash those systems in their reviews, and then recommend Wealthy Affiliate as "the better option," or the blogger's "number 1 recommendation."

If you see a Wealthy Affiliate link in a blog post, abandon that website and never go back to it. And at the least, don't let a thing that blogger says skew your opinion of the product they're reviewing. Wealthy Affiliate has thoroughly created an artificial hype of its product in the blogosphere by teaching its users to do this for affiliate commissions. Frankly, it sickens me.

Ranting aside, if you need help coming up with that one dollar, I've got you covered! You can access the rest of my free e-course by clicking the link below. This e-course contains a plethora of useful tricks I like to call "zero-investment cash generators," which you can use to generate money very quickly whenever you need it.

While these methods are each wonderful ways to make money, it is important to remember that they are an end to a means, but not a means to an end. If you want to setup a sustainable automatic online income, leveraging a top-tier franchise like Digital Altitude is the best way to do it.

Hopefully I'll see you in my Facebook group soon enough.

Happy Marketing!

-David Warth


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