Is Vindale Research a Scam or Legit? – The Shocking Truth

Is Vindale Research a Scam?
Is Vindale Research a Scam? Here’s My Take:

Is Vindale Research a Scam or Legit? – The Shocking Truth About This Website:

“Is Vindale Research a Scam?”

This is often the first thought that crosses peoples’ minds when they initially hear about this website. The idea of being able to make money online by participating in market-research studies in-and-of-itself does sound sketchy to a certain extent.

But if you think about it from a slightly different perspective, it actually makes perfect sense:

A lot of times, you’ll hear people talking about how they “participated in research studies” and were compensated for their time by essentially being a human lab-rat.

Companies are very curious as to how their products affect consumers, and if they can get a good sense as to how their goods and services will be responded to by the general public, they’ll be able to make better products for consumers like you and me, and subsequently make more sales, thereby earning these companies more money.


People participate in offline research studies all the time:

You’ll often hear tales of individuals who were organized into research groups, half of whom received a new drug, and half of whom received a ‘placebo’ or fake version of the drug, with both groups being told that they were actually going to be taking the drug so that their reactions to it could be measured.

At the end of such studies, it is not uncommon for individual participants to be each paid $7,000+, for about 12 or so total hours of work.

Cool huh?

And guess what? This industry also exists online. You can get paid for participating in ONLINE research studies as well as offline ones!

When people first hear about Vindale Research, many are skeptical as to whether or not it is possible to actually make money from websites of this nature. In response, I would like to direct you to some of my recent Paypal transactions:

(The transaction ID for this payment I received from Vindale Media is 0KB932013C4175913. If you need verification that I actually did receive this payment, you can call Paypal to confirm it with them).

As you can see, not only does Vindale Research pay, but they pay quite well I might add. In fact, if you really set your mind to completing the highest paying studies that they offer, you can easily make between $100- $200 a week, work from home, by using their services.


How Will Vindale Research Pay Me?

Vindale Research offers several nice ways to earn money through its platform. By completing any of the tasks I’ve listed for you below, US dollars will be added to your account balance on Vindale Research, and once your account balance reaches the minimum payout threshold, you can click the “redeem my balance” button on the ‘account’ page of the website, and your account balance will be transferred over to whichever Paypal account you designate in your Vindale Research account profile:

I like Vindale Research as a side-income earner for several reasons. First of all, Vindale Research pays some of the highest rates among other similar competing websites such as Toluna surveys and Prizerebel. Both of these other websites operate in a similar manner to Vindale: they allow you to complete surveys and “offers” (tasks which require you to signup for other websites, fill out forms, and answer consumer-research survey questions in exchange for in-site points) but a task that would pay you $2 on Vindale Research will typically only pay you $.25 on one of the other websites I mentioned. Thus, if you’re into work-at-home task-completion-based websites, Vindale Research is typically going to give you the highest payment for the amount of time you’ll spend completing tasks, which brings me to the second reason I like this website:


You Can Earn Money in Many Different Ways with Vindale Research:

While many similar websites will only pay you for completing surveys and filling out ‘offers,’ there are many different kinds of tasks you can complete on Vindale Research to earn money, including:


-Paid Surveys:

Being a market-research company, you can obviously make money on Vindale Research by participating in their market-research studies. These are online questionnaires which will typically ask you questions related to your buying habits and opinions as a consumer. For example, I once participated in a survey that showed me several different pictures of Gatorade bottles, and asked me which of the bottles I thought looked the best. The company basically wanted to know which bottle I would be the most likely to buy if I were to see it in a grocery store. These are fun, and tend to pay really well (from $1-$10 per 15 minute survey. If you think about it, this is a better rate than you could earn by working a minimum wage job, and you can earn this money on your smartphone or on your computer without having to even leave you house! A definite plus.)


-Product Evaluations:

In a product evaluation, you will be mailed a product to use and try out. At the end of your product trial (which usually lasts a week), you will be asked a few questions regarding your experience with the product you were given. These product evaluations pay very well, usually between $10-$75 per trial, and are a very easy way to make money virtually on-demand from home. Vindale Research will buy these products for you, so you won’t need to worry about the cost of obtaining them.


-Watching Videos:

Yes. You can actually get PAID to watch videos on Vindale Research. Can life get any better? Probably not. Anyways, with these, you’ll be able to earn between $.10-$.25 per video you watch, making this an automatic way to earn money. What I’ll do with these is keep a browser window open on my computer and just let the paid Vindale Research videos autoplay in the background, earning me about $5 an hour on total autopilot. Talk about passive income!


-Email Advertisements:

With these, Vindale Research will (with your permission) send you advertisements to your email address, and all you have to do is click on them and interact with them. That’s it! Pretty easy, huh? These will typically pay you 1-10 cents per ad.


-Promo Codes for Free Money

If you stick around the Vindale Research website, occasionally, you’ll be given free promo codes which you can redeem for cash. The amount varies-I’ve seen free gifts as high as $.50 just for hanging out for a spell on their website and reading their blog. Vindale Research rewards active users, so it’s in your best interest to check their website at least once per day for free money. They’ll reward your customer loyalty.



Vindale Research has, hands down, the best referral system I’ve ever seen for a website of its category. For each person you get to join, they’ll pay you a whopping $5. I want you to think about that for a minute just so you can understand the power that this website is putting into your hands: every time you get a person to click on your Vindale Research referral link, create an account, and complete at least one survey (which, by the way, you are required to do in order to verify your account to receive payments from them) you earn 5 dollars. In addition, any person who joins through your Vindale Research referral link will be GIVEN a $2 referral bonus, meaning that it is in your best interest to:

  1. Join Vindale Research through a referral link so that you get this free $2 (click here to join through mine)
  2. Put your link in public places where people will naturally see it and want to click on it so that you naturally earn passive income from people finding your link and joining Vindale Research. That’s AUTOMATIC money-generation. I literally once earned $140 in ONE DAY from posting my Vindale Research referral link in a place I knew where other people would see it:
Is Vindale Research a Scam? See for yourself!
Is Vindale Research a Scam? See for yourself!

So start getting creative. Anything you can do to get people to click on your Vindale Research referral link and start completing surveys can earn you a pretty great income online!


-Uploading a Proof-of-Payment Photo:

Once you have received a payout from Vindale Research, if you upload a photo as proof, they will give you $5. Pretty easy to make money, no?

So those were just a few of the ways you can earn money from Vindale Research. Here are some of my personal thoughts about this website:


-The Benefits:

  • Vindale Research pays you in cash, while most other similar survey/microjob sites pay you in ‘points’ that you would otherwise have to redeem directly for prizes off of Amazon.
  • Vindale Research pays through Paypal, making it possible for people from all over the world to participate
  • Vindale Research offers a diverse range of ways to make money: you can watch videos, click on advertisements, enter free promo codes that they give out from time to time, and even refer your friends!
  • You can earn money from Vindale Research while working from home, making it very useful for people in low-income situations
  • Vindale Research almost always offers you immediate work whenever you need emergency cash.


-The Drawbacks:

  • Vindale Research is, in theory, an “earn-money-on-demand” site, meaning that if you want to earn money through them, you’ll usually have to complete some task in order to obtain it.
  • You must qualify for Vindale Research surveys before you can participate in them. An easy way to get around this issue is to complete your account profile on Vindale Research so that you’ll usually only be shown surveys that you actually will qualify for
  • Vindale’s website has major hosting issues. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve randomly crashed on me when I’ve tried to visit them. Noobs need to install Cloudflare, lol.


Final Opinion:

In my opinion, Vindale Research is an excellent option to turn to if you’re just getting started online and need to earn some quick cash. It’s also a great way for aspiring affiliate marketers to start earning easy commissions right off the bat. I’ve personally been earning money with Vindale Research since I was in middle school. Originally, I just completed studies on their website, but I then realized that they had a referral program, so I wrote my referral link down on 50 index cards, and passed them around at my school, telling my friends about the website. By the end of the day I made $70. That was my first ever $70 online actually, and it was really easy for me to earn. I also used the strategy of going to my friends’ houses and creating Vindale Research accounts for them through my referral link on their behalf (with their permission of course!). Once I did this, I would always complete 1 survey worth more than one dollar, verifying my friends’ accounts, and earning myself $5 increments of cash, virtually on-demand.

So in conclusion, is Vindale Research a scam? No. Not by any means. if you need emergency cash, want to start earning money online, or want a nice work-at-home job that can supplement your current income, I highly recommend that you signup for Vindale Research through my referral link here so that you’ll be given given a free $2 referral bonus into your Vindale Research account balance.

While Vindale Research is a great way to earn upwards of $140 per day online, there are other more reliable methods at your disposal. If the prospect of making money online interests you, I highly recommend that you check out my free e-course, Escape The Cage which contains my fabled 15 zero-investment cash generators. You can use these and the “franchising” method that I teach you on the inside to jumpstart your online business and start making a sustainable passive income online.


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